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formula_coupons's Journal

Formula Coupons
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This is a community set up exclusively for people to trade, exchange, or otherwise make transactions of formula checks or coupons.

Before joining or promoting this community, please understand the following:
Formula Ads & Free Samples
About Formula
Formula Labels

This is a non-hostile community. This is not a parenting or advice community. This community is solely designed for the exchange of formula and other foods produced and marketed for children. This community does not condone nor condemn the use of formula. It does encourage donations to shelters.

If you have stumbled upon this community, have an offer but don't want to join to post, that's fine too. All you have to do is comment in any open entry with a subject header of ATTN: MODS. We'll re-post it for you. Or email the mods: ever_abstract (ever.abstract @ gmail.com) and alwayshungry (lindsaybeth @ dejazzd.com). Include all the criteria listed below.

When posting, please use a subject. If you are offering coupons, say something like Offer: formula brand name, and type ie- Enfamil with iron. If you want coupons, say Wanted: etc in the subject. Just to keep it organized.
When posting specify all fine print: expiration date, if it's for powder only, ready to use only, size of can and dollar amount. Also specify if it's a check or just a coupon.
Use tags specifying wanted, offering and also use tags for the formula brand and type. So your tags could look like: offer, enfamil, enfamil lipil, powder.

When responding to a post, DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS unless you want the whole world to know it. Email the poster and continue via email.